1. Items must be purchased from any FT branches or online store only ( redeem must show receipt ).
    • Shoei -5years
    • Arai -2years
    • AGV-1year
    • Kyt-1 year
    • Arc-6months
    • Sgv -3months
    • Apparel -14days
  2. Factory defect only not damage done by customers.
  3. The box and warranty card must be stamp on the receipt when making claimn( to make sure the helmet is still within the warranty period or not a stolen unit ). Any part in "wear and tear" class is not in warranty such as padding and visor.
  4. The warranty is valid for the first owner only( second owner is not entitle to make claim ).
  5. Claims can only be made by walk-in stores and must bring along helmets and warranty cards.

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