FTGARAGE RACING was founded by Fauzi Tahir in 2006. Currently, the business have 3 branch mainly in Klang, Penang and Setapak. Initially, the business began at the small street in the middle of Sunway area. The idea to start the business spread out when Fauzi Tahir realize the potential of the business due to the higher demand of helmet from Japan among the motorcyclist. After 6 years gathering quite amount of capital, Fauzi Tahir decided to open his first company at Kampung Baru.

On 2012, he started to do the business with a few partners in his own shop namely,FTFG BUNDLE. Unfortunately the shop forced to close down due to a financial problem. On October 2014, a new company launched with a brand new name which is FT GARAGE RACING(2014-Now). Right after 1 year the company launched, Fauzi Tahir involved in the accident and dead.

Once the news arrived, they decided to close the company but they change their mind. Instead, they gathered all the main power and the backbone of the company such as Satte, Apit and others street seller to build up the company. They use the same name under FTGR BIKE ACCESSORIES PLT registered company (SSM).

The team do a well-through market researched . On February 2016, they moved their company to Jalan Kebun Nenas, Klang. Due to a higher demand of products, the company launched another shop at Penang. The company rise up as they getting the relationship with many international dealer such as KYT Malaysia, KYT Indonesia, Arai Japan, Arai Malaysia, Shoei Japan, Shoei Malaysia, AGV Malaysia, AGV Italy, and also the supplier from China. In relation of that, the company launched a new shop on 28 January 2018 at Setapak, making the third branch. The company began to grow up from not only having the variety of helmet, but also the riding gear as well.

In order to maintain the sustainability, the company were divided into a few department which consist of control quality department, market research department, and self-product department. In relation to help the growth of the company, the company were hiring two engineer graduated from Japan for research and development.

The vision of the company is to be a number one riding gear dealer that give a higher quality service with the affordable price. The mission is to make sure that all class of people having the right and afford to use the riding gear.

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